Summer tea.


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(In Portuguese)

I tried to imitate at home an iced tea I had at a cafeteria some days ago.
It's so simple and refreshing, I didn't have time to take a picture.

Ay, qué rico!


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(In Portuguese)

The parents of a friend of mine live in Rio Grande do Sul,
and on her way back from vacation in there, she brought home tons
of the best dulce de leche in the universe: conaprole.
When I say tons, I mean one 3,5kg package and another 1kg.
She gave me the "tinier" one as a gift. I absolutely loved it.
And the first thing that poped in my mind was, of course, alfajor.

A refreshment for this heat wave.


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(In Portuguese)

I bought molds and made popsicles!
The secret to success, according to a site I've read [it's in Portuguese], is not allowing the water to freeze completely.
Because when that happens the results are just big ice rocks.
Well, to make creamier homemade icecream or popsicles, there are three basic methods.

People say it's good for you.

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(In Portuguese)

Leisure might some times be the mother of great recipes.
Yesterday, for example, I decided to cube some vegetables, coat them
in olive oil and salt, and bake until they're outsides were crispy and they're insides were soft.
Besides that, I cooked a quick rice and the matter was settled.
Anyway, people say that eating colorful meals is healthy. Even better.



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(In Portuguese)

I bought almost 1,5kg of apples the last time I went to the supermarket,
and for my sorrow they were sweet to death (I like more acidy fruits).
Wel... what to do?
Put in practice an idea that's been in my mind for ages: dry them out.

Omellet du fromage. (actually, not)


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It is an omellet, that's true.
But the cheese was left only in the quotation.

Oh, really?


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(In Portuguese)

I was finishing reading some texts last night,
thinking I should go to sleep early, because I was very tired.
So, what's better than a cup of tea, right?
So I made some yerba mate tea, cozy and stuff.
Well, I just found out that mate contains a whole lot of caffeine.
In fact, twice as much as there is in coffe.
So I ended up going to sleep at 3am or something, to wake up at 7am.
Anyway, for unknown reasons, I woke up great.
I enjoyed my newly-discovered caffeine source, which made a fabulous breakfast
along with the granola.

Super natural.


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I got home from work tired,
and that happens in part because of the hot weather.
So I thought I deserved a nice fruit juice.

Abstract Gnocchi.

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(In Portuguese)

 My gnocchis came out shaped in various ways,
and none of them was actually familiar.
Altough I may say, in they're defense, that the texture and taste were really good.
The sweet potatoes match really nicely with the parmesan cheese.
I served it with a lettuce salad topped with sunflower seeds.



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(The picture ain't fair with all the beauty in this sandwich. But in the morning rush
was what I could get.)



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(I've put three basil twigs in water with some flowers, in the hope they will develop roots.)

It's delicious, quick and easy...
I can't remember any cons, only pros.
Since yesterday I had dinner with a friend, I was shy to take pictures of the food.
I made some simple pasta, with store bought tomato sauce, topped with cubed white cheese and pesto.