Cinnamon cake, filled with dulce de leche and peanut crispy.


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So, what do we have here?
A boyfriend's birthday, a huge jar of dulce de leche from Minas (I think it was 500g, maybe more), and some great peanuts.
For me, it seemed like a good idea to turn it all into a cinnamon cake filled with a peanut crispy and dulce de leche. I adapted this recipe for the cake dough, which came out a bit too dry, but even so it tasted nice, and the result was the cake in the pictures.

Oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies for a picnic at the park.


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Here am I, returning to the blog after many (nice) happenings which kept me busy
for a couple days.
Today I bring you a cookie recipe that got the approval of my friends on the last time
we went to Ibirapuera park together.

Well, who would have thought of that?!


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Working out of town for a couple days (in a place where I had no access to the internet),
I didn't quite know what's been happening around the world.
Today, quickly passing through São Paulo, I read a comment from Sandra here in the blog,
telling I made it into a list from saveur magazine.
Geez, it's so unexpected!
Be welcome new readers! :)

Before I rush out of the door again, I leave some pictures of posts I owe.
See you soon!