New flavors, new views - my visit to Acre.


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Well, this is going to be a long post.
What can I do? It's been seven days of getting to know new things, and I have plenty to tell you about.
The ones who are interested only in the recipes and not in the story will have to wait a little longer, since I haven't yet tested in my kitchen the recipes I got there. Some of them will not be tested at all (for example the beans cooked in Brazil nuts milk, considering I don't have access to fresh nuts in São Paulo), but I can write those anyway, as a curiosity. 

In my flickr you can see more tourist-like pictures (here), and in the blog - as you could guess - I will be posting the ones related to food.
Before I get started in here, two questions a few friends have asked when they knew I went to Acre:
1. Does Acre actually exist:
A: Yes it does, I swear. I even took pictures to prove it. haha

2. Geez, Flora, what was the point in visiting such a faraway place?
A: I went there to get to know the place, and to visit my father, who's been living in Rio Branco for about two years now.

I've been to Acre and remembered you.


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Honeys, this is a post with a handful of sentences and no recipe at all.
Today I complete an entire month without posting, that's why I came to quickly give a sign of life, and promise to be back soon with maaany delicious things I got to tell.
During June I have visited a few places, two of them at work, two of them for pleasure.
One of such places was Acre.
I brought nuts, fruit pulp, tapioca flour, a kind of bean, pictures and a few souvenirs.

Lucky me, there is a lot of work now that I am back to São Paulo.
Hope I can sit down on Sunday to write calmly about all of the things I took note of in a little notebook I had in my pocket at all times.
See you soon!