Vegetable curry - as known as one bowl lunch.


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Sometimes I happen to eat mostly out of home for a couple days, or eat mostly junk food, for any other reason.
Then I just need to stop by the farmers market and buy a bunch of veggies and fruits, and eat only fresh food to compensate.
When I'm in that mood, and still very busy, this curry works wonders.
It's quick to prepare, can be done with almost any vegetable you like, and is comforting.
Works best in cold weather, but whatever. I like it in summer too.

The use of a bowl to avoid mess.


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This is a very simple and useful hint.
I saw it in Jamie Oliver's website, where you can find many good ideas.
The deal is: before you start cooking, put an empty bowl on the counter to collect peels, seeds, etc.
In the end, all you have to do is toss them in the trash can. This way it's really quick to clean up the counter, and you avoid the inconvenience of having the trash can nearby.
There, that's it.
It might seem silly, but this makes cooking a lot more agile.

Ginger crystals - and the lack of constancy.


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(Em português)

Made victim of a cold that caught me out of a sudden, I prepared this ginger crystals to
help relieve the sore throat.
Besides the tea with propolis extract, honey, lemon...
In case you don't find it weird, take a look at the recipes.