Praliné topped cookies.


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Do you know that feeling when you see a great idea, but so good you wish it was yours?
Here's one example. When I read the title of that post at Technicolor Kitchen, I got excited.
And the picture helps it.
Anyway, I did not use the same recipe Patricia did, because I thought these butter cookies and our regular praliné (actually, pé de moleque, as I wrote in here) would fit my taste better.
Truth be told, it's not convenient to eat these cookies, they splatter crumbs in every possible direction - but oh, are they yummy! The trick here is to bake real small cookies and drop tiny bits of pralinée on top, so that you can eat one cookie in one bite, and look like a civilized person.

My grandma Nelci's cheese biscuits.


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During these last summer vacation I have looked for the treasure of treasures:
the folder where my grandma Nelci's recipes were kept - which I brought home.
Some things, like the bee hives and the bread were never written down - she used to prepare them by heart.
On the other hand, these cheese biscuits, the cornmeal spongecake topped with cream and oranges, the grustuli, are in her notebooks, in her handwriting.
These are recipes that will inevitably bring memories to my family, and will make us happy whenever we prepare them. Every once in a while I'll share one of those, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Homemade everlasting vanilla extract.


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Curious about how to make my own vanilla extract from some beans I got as a gift,
I found this site.

Birthday flan.


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After two weeks without new posts, here am I again. Already in São Paulo, already
working (and very glad about it! Self employed people out there know how it is), already
getting to see the friends from here I've been missing, already missing too much my 
family and friends from Santa Catarina.
I hope you had great vacation, and have plenty of ideas for the year that's beginning.
It won't be easy, it never is. But it will be very productive, and will be fun, for sure.

I always thought that making flan was complicated and had everything it takes to go wrong.
I have tried it before, and it didn't work out.
But it was my brother's birthday, so I thought I should try again.
The recipe is the classic 1, 2, 3: 1 can condensed milk, 2 measures equal to the can of milk, 3 eggs, process it in the blender. Any mother around would that you that and think you'd be able to make the flan all by yourself. What about the details?
The details I got at Technicolor Kitchen.
Results: my first flan that goes right!