Guacamole sandwich.


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Well, people. Forgive me for not posting the panettone pan origami like I promised in the previous post.
Truth is I haven't taken the step by step pictures yet.
But come on, you can forgive me, since the reason for that is I'm spending time with my family, in vacation.
In one of these afternoons, I prepared this sandwich for us. It's so quick, so easy, so light.
It's also great substituting the tuna for a nice salty cheese slice.
I wish you all great holidays and parties! In a week I'll be back to São Paulo, and - I hope - starting a year of hard work.

Party time! - Panettone.


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Well, since christmas is around the corner and panettone is a tradition, here it goes.
In my opinion, it makes for great gifts.
I made it a bit different, but used Susan's recipe as a guide.

Real fruit jelly. In this case, mango.


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    (Ignore the fork in the first picture. The breakfast table was set, so there was a spoon nearby          as well...)

About 300 years ago I bookmarked this recipe in Patricia's blog, and I really wanted to test it.
Ana Elisa posted another real fruit jelly, and I started to like the idea very much.
People say jelly is good for many things, and it's quite easy to prepare but, honestly, those boxed jello flavors can't be appealing.
So the other day I stumbled upon the agar agar package almost expiring in the back of the drawer, I looked at the overripe mango crying for help, and I knew what would I have for breakfast. 
And why agar agar instead of regular jelly?
Well, because it's hard to stop myself from buying cute packaged things  in the grocery stores of Liberdade. Anyway, I try to keep those purchases down to things that might be useful, even though they're not necessary in my life.
Confessions set aside, let's get to the recipe.