Ratatuille and scrambled eggs.


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I thought this lunch look like something from Aran Goyoaga.
Because she frequently uses eggs and root vegetables...
It happend like this: I saw beautiful radishes at the farmers market and I wanted to buy them,
but I don't like radishes. But they were beautiful! But what am I buying this for if I won't eat it? Oh lord! haha
Well, then I remembered a photo from Aran (which I didn't find again in her blog) where there was a ratatuille with radishes and something else. And I thought it would taste good.
It really did!

Baked doughnuts filled with dulce de leche.


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I love it. I could sing odes to conaprole.
But people, it's just one person in here. haha 
There's no way I can handle 1kg of dulce de leche.
So, I thought to myself, I'll bake something with it, since I'm having visitors.

Cornmeal rolls.


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(In Portuguese)

With a cold weather, there's nothing more comfortable than a fresh bread out of the oven.
This one is very soft and yummy, adapted from wild yeast.

Steadier footing.


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(In Portuguese)

March 1st was  for me a day to celebrate new and old things, both very important.

I worked hard, had a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant, and today is a day to tidy up the house.
So here goes a simple lunch, which stays in the oven while I organize things around my place.