Zucchini flower risotto - and each one gets the right to be excited about what they will.


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Well, I'll admit it might be weird for many people, but the fact is I get excited about the farmers market. (About other stuff too, sure. But today I feel like telling you about the market).
Every time I leave home with a list in mind, so that I won't buy too much food, and every time I come back with more than I had planned. Everything is so fresh and pretty, it's hard to resist.
The down side is that I may end up not being able to manage that much produce, and some times food spoils.
Now, follow me: with the Autumn arriving, there's plenty of tasty fruits showing up again in the stalls, the flowers (which generally fade when the heat is intense) are on sale again.
When available, I usually get some poppies and Calla lilies, but the last time I went there, the flowers available where nasturtiums and zucchini flowers: beauties that go to the plate.
Of course, I had to experiment the zucchini flowers, with all of that pretty color. I just didn't know what to do with them.
The lady who sold them guaranteed I could find many recipes on internet besides the classic fried flowers (which are not too appealing for me).
She suggested risotto. Oh well, I came up with a risotto of my own.