Holidays and falafel.


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(Em português)

I've been meaning to post this falafel recipe for so long that I have associated it with quite a few subjects think of the post's text.
For the time being, I figured I could not associate it with anything other than holidays and vacation.
One of the subjects I thought of before had to do with a situation that really annoys me.
Then I thought "Well, how silly. I won't go talking about something annoying at a time like this".
The best thing about vacation is precisely to slow down of everything that has became worn out (or which has worn us out) through the routine - regardless of how long we have to rest, be it a long time or just a couple days.
Even if the pause is short, we have this advantage of counting time in cycles; living day by day, year by year, so that we constantly have endings and new beginnings.
When one span is over, everything that is unnecessary stays behind, we don't have to keep it through the next day, the next year.
Ain't that sweet? All we have to do is remember to leave things behind.

Taking advantage of this gorgeous Summer, let's spend time with family, walk in flip flops all day, cook listening to good music, fight for a place in the hammock,  and try to reduce the pile of books awaiting to be read.

Now, falafel. In case someone in the crow doesn't now it, I'll present you:
It's a savory fritter made out of chickpeas, onions, fresh coriander, pepper and a few other optional seasonings, it's traditional from Arabian cuisine.
The recipe I got came from cooksnaps.