A classic is a classic, and vice-versa.


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(In Portuguese)

The classic in question is rice and beans, which always has one small change or another, but I never get tired of it.
After a couple days without stoping at home, I went to the supermarket and cooked a lunch comme il faut.
I had it with a colorful yummy salad, and a roasted pumpkin slice that doesn't show in the pictures.

Oh - the forgetfulness.


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(In Portuguese)

I'll tell you a very sad story.
I forgot my photographic camera's cable at my mom's house. 
The end.

That's why we'll have some more posts illustrated by the computer's camera.
But she'll come to visit soon, and bring the cable along.
Now, another subject, the sandwich I had for lunch today:

Tuna and grated vegetables.



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This is a classic among the breakfasts in my mom's house, specially in the winter.
It is real simple, heartwarming, and works wonders when one needs to eat and has a stomachache.

Cupcakes for Santa Fé.


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Lucas and Ariane, friends who study fashion design, had to make for class something that
related palate to a brand, for example something to serve at an inauguration party.
They chose Santa Fé, Arianes's brand of bags and purses, and asked for some help with the cupcakes.
Well, in the first batch I used a recipe which I didn't know, and the result was the disaster you can
see in the picture above. But the day was saved by Edi's chocolate cake recipe. Whew!

Carrot bread, and the week after the holidays.


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(In Portuguese)

Well, we all know what happens in a week with the family during holidays.
We have fun, forget about our lives, and enjoy good food.
So I stole from my uncle and aunt a nice idea, which is to spend the following week "detoxifying" the body with more fresh vegetables and less carbs.

Back to São Paulo, I went to the supermarket to get several vegetables and fruits, had soup for lunch. And at night I decided to make a carrot bread.