Fake summer compote.


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A real fruit compote is that beautiful thing, seen in Grandmother houses.
It's a huge mason jar filled with fruit chunks in sugar syrup.
Where my Grandmother lived, there was a pear tree, and when they started to ripen, nobody could eat it all. To solve the problem, compote was made, since it's a preservation method.
Now, this recipe here won't serve to preserve anything, it doesn't last long.
But it looks and tastes a lot like compote, except it takes a lot less sugar.

Ginger and pepper salad dressing.


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I think salad recipes are something funny. I've always had this impression that salad is a matter of combining whatever you have on hand. It's just washing the leaves, chopping some vegetables, add olive oil, salt, and lemon or vinegar. There, why complicate it?
But then I saw this chinese salad recipe, from which I took the inspiration for this dressing.
And I started reading salad pride more often, because I used to just pass by there quickly to take a look at the pictures. So I changed my mind on the subject.

The best applesauce in the world!


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Today I bring you the best applesauce in the world, with questionable pictures and a post written in a rush as a side.
I'm sorry about the silence last week, I swear I'm making an effort to keep posting regularly.
I took this recipe from Crunchy Betty, a very funny site which publishes homemade recipes for cleaning products and beauty products. Sometimes I find it a bit weird, but most of the time I like it. Take a look and see what do you think.
I ended up adapting the recipe to my taste, maybe you should take a look at Betty's version to make a comparison.

By the way.


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Today, no recipe for you.
Instead, there's an idea. I'm starting this tag named "by the way", which I intend to post monthly (every first friday of the month) talking about small measures I take in my kitchen to make things easier.
This tip here is to help avoid waste.
Basically, it's about having a board where you can list the ingredients you don't want to forget to use.
Every once in a while we buy unusual things for a specific recipe, or to experiment, and then the ingredient is left lying around in the pantry (caham, buckwheat, rice flour...).
It's also helpful to remember the things you have on hand, so that you won't buy again ingredients you already have.
I found it nice to update the list when the week starts, specially the perishable goods, and try to use them instead of getting fresh stuff.