By the way.


Today, no recipe for you.
Instead, there's an idea. I'm starting this tag named "by the way", which I intend to post monthly (every first friday of the month) talking about small measures I take in my kitchen to make things easier.
This tip here is to help avoid waste.
Basically, it's about having a board where you can list the ingredients you don't want to forget to use.
Every once in a while we buy unusual things for a specific recipe, or to experiment, and then the ingredient is left lying around in the pantry (caham, buckwheat, rice flour...).
It's also helpful to remember the things you have on hand, so that you won't buy again ingredients you already have.
I found it nice to update the list when the week starts, specially the perishable goods, and try to use them instead of getting fresh stuff.

    General view of my kitchen, from the door. 

    The pens and the music - which rarely is turned off when I cook.

It's incredibly cheap to fix a board for this purpose. In my case, I got a photo frame at a dollar store, placed a colorful paper inside, and hang it on the door - where it's visible.
To write, I use these posca  pens, which I find pretty, but you could also use regular white board pens to write on glass.
There are thousands of ways to get this board, for example using blackboard paint, or buying a small white boardm you name it.
The way I had it was cheap and quick, and it's working just fine.
Por example, this week I have already prepared polenta with some of the cornmeal (it's in the board: "fubá"), and I intend to whip up a batch of buckwheat (" trigo sarraceno") pancakes.

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