Dona Benta and the fantastic banana waffles.


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My mother called me about two weeks ago, and at some point in the conversation she said "when I come to visit you, I'm bringing a surprise".
The damage was done. Miss Curiosity here spent this whole time forgetting and remembering to think
whether it would be something to eat, something for my home, to dress myself, if it had something to do with cinema...
She arrived at last, and what a beautiful surprise!
It was that huge book "Dona Benta - Comer bem". The best selling Brazilian cook book in the country ever since it's first edition - in 1940 -, according to the foreword. 
It comes with many traditional recipes, the ones that might end up forgotten once in a while.
The ones that feel great to be reminded of suddenly.
As soon as I could, I spent hours browsing the book and reading recipes.
To start it up, I cooked these waffles this morning.
Gooood! :)

Pasta over garlic, oil and mint.


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I think that lazy and/or tired people do have the right to a nice little dinner after a long work day.
So I just decided to get a bit off the beaten track by adding ground fresh mint leaves to the oil in this classic pasta.

Pouched eggs.


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(Em Português)

For a robust breakfast, pouched eggs work like a charm.
They are fast, can be served over a nice toasted bread and green salad, and we're good to go.
Different from what I thought, they don't necessarily result in a runny yolk. To test, I poached one egg for a longer time than the other.

White yogurt cake.


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(Em português)

This is a basic everyday cake, so so fluffy.
The recipe is quite a bit adapted from here.