Pouched eggs.


(Em Português)

For a robust breakfast, pouched eggs work like a charm.
They are fast, can be served over a nice toasted bread and green salad, and we're good to go.
Different from what I thought, they don't necessarily result in a runny yolk. To test, I poached one egg for a longer time than the other.

I read about this technique at a Jamie Oliver website that teaches many useful things, it's called home cooking skills.

Basically, this is the deal:
I put plenty of water to boil in a medium pan with a bit of salt.
I opened the eggs and poured each one into a small bowl.
Before transferring them to the water, I moved it with a spoon, in a circular motion.
The water must be really hot, boiling.
I poured one egg at a time in it. Depending on the pan size, you can cook two eggs at the same time.
I did that.
Supposedly, it takes about 4 minutes for them to cook. You need to use your judgement to determine it, depending on how you like the yolk texture.
I took the eggs out of the water with a slotted spoon, let it drain well, and served over bread with butter.

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RChristopher said...

Flora, I love poached eggs in the morning, especially over a crispy english muffin. So simple. And so good. I really like your idea of adding a salad...combined they make a perfect Sunday brunch.

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