White cake filled and covered in ganache. As known as all-around cake.


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I got this recipe from my friend Catharina, because she once prepared it and the cake was extremely soft and fluffy and great. I don't know were she originally got it, though.
Anyway, it's been my go-to white cake recipe since then.
Every time I have baked it, I filled covered the cake in dark chocolate ganache.
In one of such times, I also threw in pieces of banana. I'll tell you: this cake can't fail.

Crunchy cookies with walnuts, almonds and dark chocolate.


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(Em português)

During the last holiday, in which I've been with my family, I've baked these cookies for us.
They are super crunchy, hence they were a hit.
I've added chopped dark chocolate, almonds and walnuts. I only think they are a bit too sweet, mas sugar is what makes the cookies crunchy after all.

Julienne pickles.


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This recipe come straight from Germany - to be more specific, from Delicious Days.
Last weekend we were going to have a picnic, and this pickled vegetables seem to go really nice in a sandwich.
The picnic didn't actually happen, but the sandwiches did (eve though I took a picture of the pickles served with another salad and some cheese). They were great.

As the poet once said.


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As the poet once said, "may the ugly ones excuse me, but beauty is essential".
For quite a while I've been longing to improve the blog's layout, and finally this idea was accomplished, with graphic design by Flávia Vanelli and illustration by Celaine Refosco.
I'm happy about the results - simpler, prettier, more organized.
I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday I will be back with a new post.

Wintery gingerbread cookies.


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This recipe from Deb is a version of what we consume here in Brazil as Christmas cookies.
But for me, it makes a whole lot more sense to eat those spice-packed cookies - which would perfectly match hot cocoa - in the Winter.
So, preparing myself for the upcoming cold weather which has come and gone a few times to São Paulo over the past weeks, I tested this recipe that has been in my list since it was posted in Smitten Kitchen.
The cookies are soft and not overly sweet, they feel cozy.
But next time, I will be using less pepper, for sure. Geez, cayenne is hot!