Bee hives.


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This is a family recipe, which we never knew where came from.
I don't know if the whole thing was my grandma's idea, or if she saw something like it and made up her own version.
What matters here is that ever since I remember existing, bee hives is a treat present in our christmas, which sometimes she would also prepare in random afternoons.
It's been a couple years since my grandmother passed away, and since then we hadn't cooked the dishes that she used to make. But before I came to Santa Catarina this year (yeeess! I'm here already!) my brother wrote me asking if I could bake the bee hives, because he missed it.
I've tried, and it worked out. So here goes the recipe in case someone feels like having a new christmas tradition. This test-hive was devoured as a snack while still warm. The only thing they said was not the same was the glaze, so except for that the treat was like the original.

Traditional baguette.


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Well, who doesn't like a challenge sometimes, huh?
I saw this recipe from Annie and got excited.
It takes three days for the bread to get done, but - oh boy! - it's so worth it.

Ginger tea for this freezing weather.


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It's unbelievable how the weather can be like this, being November in São Paulo.
But in the past days the temperature has been around 10oC, and we are all starting to catch cold,
despite the number of coats and scarfs being worn.
I was thinking about making some ginger tea, before the cold really catches me, and so I remembered
Maria Sorokina's post, since her version is different from our healing tea of every winter.