Soup for sad stomachs.


When a loved one feels sick - I mean, really sick - it gets me concerned.
After a tough night in which we tried to solve the problem with tea and fruit salt, I woke up
early to go shopping (luckily it was AAO's farmers market day).
I thought to myself the best thing to do was a soup, with the most mild flavors possible.
That's why I bought different kinds of potatoes and a fennel bulb - which helps to heal stomachaches.
And the peas were simply the prettiest and freshest ones I've ever seen, so I thought they would be
nice and give a hint of color to this soup. They were delicious even to eat raw.
And to help the healing to be quick, I also bought the best looking flowers in the whole market.

Now, to prepare de soup:
I took a handful of each kind of potato (regular ones, arracachas, sweet potatoes and taro),
not sure exactly how much. First I peeled and washed them, then chopping into tiny cubes.
I did the same to a small fennel bulb.
Next, I took all of the vegetable cubes into a large pan, covered in cold water and let cook until
tender. If I'm not mistaken, it took about 35 minutes.
I didn't season the soup with onions, garlic nor any other seasoning. Also, I didn't add oil nor butter.
As soon as the vegetables became soft, I added the fresh peas and cooked for 5 minutes more.

I served immediately, with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of olive oil.
Serves 4 people.

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