Homemade natural yogurt.


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Well, people told me that the probability of things going wrong are relatively high, but I wanted to try even so, because I consume a lot of yogurt and granola, and if I prepare it at home it's cheaper, wastes less packages, wonderful.
I've been doing this for weeks, and I'm loving it.

Biscuits to serve with coffee or tea.


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This recipe is repeated, except for two details: the flavor and shape.
These are made with the same dough used in alfajores, and are good
to serve with tea because they're very light.

Why use essence? Enjoying an orange to the peel.


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It's been quite a while since I read this post at the kitchn, and I liked the idea.
These are suggestions of what to do with citrus peels, instead of throwing them in the garbage.
The one I liked best was the idea of letting the peel dry, so that I can use it later (in teas, risottos, meat, baking, roasted vegetables, and everything else I can imagine).
My method is to use a vegetable peeler before I squeeze or actually peel the fruit,
because that way I will only take the aromatic part of it, and the white part won't come along.
Generally I will let it air dry in a dish for one or two days.
If the air is too humid, then I can help it with a little bit of oven heat.
When the peel becomes very dry and breakable, I store it in ziplock bags or glass jars.
Grinding it with a pestle and mortar is a good way to free the fruit's aroma.

Whole wheat flour and olive oil quiche - to the changes.


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In the next posts, probably I'll increase the quantity of all natural food lunches.
I'm making an effort to improve eating habits, and this quiche was the first attempt.
I was successful!

I took the recipe from here, and made up the filling, based in a couple of recipes I read.