» Weights and measures

I'm not very fond of exactness, but I swear that adopting a few measuring patterns changed
my culinary life - mainly regarding cups and butter.
Specially when preparing cookies and cakes, this exactness makes difference.

- Everytime 1 cup appears in my recipes, it means 240ml = 24dl = 8oz.
- 200g butter equals 2 sticks (in the USA), which equals 15 level tablespoons.
To make things easier, you can consider that one tablespoon butter means 15g.

- Everytime I talk about 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon, it means the level spoon.
Otherwise, I will provide details.

That's pretty much it. Some times, depending on the recipes origin, I will weight down
ingredients in grams, but I'll always provide the measure in cups as well.