(Another) squash soup.


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As I often do, I looked into my refrigerator to get some inspiration. I was hungry.
I thought to myself "something that cooks fast".
Therefore I used squash, zucchini and chayote. I think it was the quickest/ yummiest soup I've ever made. The hunger might have influenced this perception...

Crunchy salad with yogurt-tahine sauce


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Since Flávia left me a comment yesterday asking where have I been, I thought I'd better show up.
It will take years and years for me to become a constant person as I would like to be, but then - well... we need to start somewhere, right?
I am now back to São Paulo, honey, dealing with bureaucracy while the rain pours outside.
I have great reasons to have disappeared on the last week. Pretty ones really, which include seeing very dear people who I hadn't seen in ages and to celebrate a beautiful beginning (all of my love to the newly-weds!). 
Now that I am back home, I started eating more nicely again. So, here I come with another salad.