(Another) squash soup.


As I often do, I looked into my refrigerator to get some inspiration. I was hungry.
I thought to myself "something that cooks fast".
Therefore I used squash, zucchini and chayote. I think it was the quickest/ yummiest soup I've ever made. The hunger might have influenced this perception...
Anyway, I started with the onion. I peeled and cut it into strips, as usual. But truth is that it's shape doesn't matter, because everything will be blended later.
I put it in my large pan to saute along with one tablespoon coconut oil, over medium heat, while I peeled and chopped a large chayote.
You already know: use whatever kind of fat you prefer/ have at hand.
As soon as the onion started to become transparent, the chayote was ready to go to the pan. And there it went.
The squash piece I bought weighted 700g. After peeling and removing the seeds, I think the chopped squash was equal in volume to a large chopped zucchini.
Well, so I peeled it with the help of a potato peeler and chopped it up.
I set the seeds aside.
I took the squash to the pan, gave it all a stirr and raised the heat a little. Every once in a while I stirred the vegetables, so that they would cook evenly.
In the meantime I washed and chopped the zucchini, and added it to the saute.
You see, I haven't already mentioned water.
I let it all saute, stirring every now and then, until the squash was soft. There was some liquid in the bottom of the pan, which came out of the vegetables.
I took all of the pan's content plus 2 cups (500ml) cold filtered water into the blender (if your blender can't take this volume of food, blend the soup in two batches).
After the vegetables became a smooth purée I added a pinch of dried rosemary, ground cinnamon, ground cumin seeds, and freshly ground black pepper, and blended again.
I returned the soup to the pan, over low heat, just to keep it warm.

And I got back to the squash seeds: I removed all of the strings that come attached to them and discarded those. I washed the seeds throughly inside a colander under running water.
Then placed them in a medium pan and added water, just enough to cover the seeds.
Put the pan over high heat so that the water would boil, and let the seeds cook until they changed color (they will darken).
This is done to remove all of the goo. I threw them back in the colander over running water, while leaving the pan over low heat to dry and heat up.
When the pan was already hot, I threw in the drained seeds. Over low heat, always stirring, I wait for the seeds to completely dry. I know they are ready when they start to toast. So to be sure they are crunchy, I taste one. :)
The whole process might have taken some 15 minutes. BUT if you are drying a lot of seeds, do it in the oven.

After serving the soup in the dish, I sprinkled a little sea salt and topped with diced white cheese and the pepitas
Yields 4 servings.

PS: This is another squash soup, because I have already posted a version of it.

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