Bring it on, cold weather. I got chai latte.


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There are people who don't enjoy cold weather, but I do.
Sure, at the end of Winter I become eager for Summer to arrive and vice-versa, but I got this feeling that when the weather is chilly and grey-ish outside, our houses (and ourselves) become cozier, more prone to share the space with others, to eat together.
For me, the prettiest days are sunny Winter days.
They remind me of the school breaks we had in July, which I always found to be more fun than the ones in December.
For some reason, I think it's more family-ish. Maybe because we end up spending more time inside the house.
I remember myself always with a book in my hands, curious about a story.
My mother with paint or pencils, one of my uncles building model aircrafts or something else that would require some engineering, my grandma busy caring for all of us and for whatever delicious food she had in the oven or stovetop, my brother after the household pets, so forth and so on. Each one minding a different business, but everyone close.