Suddenly, pralinés*.


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Sometimes I have a sudden craving for something sweet.
And I can't think of anything else, until I eat the darn sweet. Even if it's a lame toffee candy.
It was already 10pm, and I looked around to find out what ingredients I had with the potential to
transform themselves into an express dessert.
The peanut jar didn't leave no doubts: pralinés*.

*Well, actually these are not pralinés. They are a traditional Brazilian sweet named "pé de moleque".
But I find them pretty similar to pralinés, and I'm calling them that so that non-Brazilian people can get the picture. :)

Italian-ish: pumpkin and carrot soup.


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In a cold night, there is nothing like a good soup. Which is an indication that many soups will appear in the next posts...
This one, seasoned with cinnamon and rosemary, won my heart in no time. I found the recipe here.

A thank you shaped as a bunch of cookies: cornmeal lemon snaps, lavender cookies, and dried fruit squares.


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Well yes, I even could have made up a longer a title for the post, but I thought this one was ok. :)
I baked three kinds of cookies at once to send to a friend in Florianopolis, who I have much to thank to.
Before someone frowns up: I swear you can make these squares with another filling.
The recipe came from here.

Flaxseed bread.


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This bread came out really really soft and tasty, good to serve as a snack.
I think it would work perfectly for sandwiches as well, if baked in a loaf pan.
Adapted from here.