Pasta with snow peas and radishes.


(In Portuguese)

Food for the eyes.

1 clove of garlic
8 small radishes
1 handfull of snow peas
Olive oil and e salt, as needed

I soaked the vegetables in vinegar water for 10 minutes, then washed them in running water.
Cut off the radishes roots and the peas leaves, and chopped the garlic very thinly.
I poured a bit of olive oil in a large pan and fried the garlic, then adding the sliced radishes.
I waited until the white part of the radishes became kind of transparent, and the pink rind changed its hue. Then I added the peas chopped up in big chunks.

Meanwhile, I boiled the water and cooked the pasta. Short pasta work better here.
I used fusili, but penne and farfalle would be great too.
To measure the amount of pasta I'm going to cook, I fill the bottom of a shallow dish with it.

I served with a nasturtium blossom salad (the farmers market brings awesome surprises!) and a bit of lettuce.

Yields one serving.

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