Why use essence? Enjoying an orange to the peel.


It's been quite a while since I read this post at the kitchn, and I liked the idea.
These are suggestions of what to do with citrus peels, instead of throwing them in the garbage.
The one I liked best was the idea of letting the peel dry, so that I can use it later (in teas, risottos, meat, baking, roasted vegetables, and everything else I can imagine).
My method is to use a vegetable peeler before I squeeze or actually peel the fruit,
because that way I will only take the aromatic part of it, and the white part won't come along.
Generally I will let it air dry in a dish for one or two days.
If the air is too humid, then I can help it with a little bit of oven heat.
When the peel becomes very dry and breakable, I store it in ziplock bags or glass jars.
Grinding it with a pestle and mortar is a good way to free the fruit's aroma.

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