Ginger tea for this freezing weather.


It's unbelievable how the weather can be like this, being November in São Paulo.
But in the past days the temperature has been around 10oC, and we are all starting to catch cold,
despite the number of coats and scarfs being worn.
I was thinking about making some ginger tea, before the cold really catches me, and so I remembered
Maria Sorokina's post, since her version is different from our healing tea of every winter.

I boiled approximately 500ml water, grated fresh ginger until I got 2 teaspoons (next time I'll be using
three times as much, because it came out too mild for my taste), and squeezed the juice of three oranges - if I had it at home, I'd be using half a lemon as well. Maria recommends including raisins and cinnamon, I skipped that part.
I mixed it all in the tea pot, along with one teaspoon honey, and let it soak for 10 minutes before drinking.
It's super tasty and scented, helps to warm up a bit.
Serves two people.

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Maria Sorokina said...

Flora, your pictures are so beautiful!! I didn't realize it ever gets as cold in São Paulo. Moscow is also starting to freeze these days - perhaps good time to make some tea for me as well :)

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