This is a classic among the breakfasts in my mom's house, specially in the winter.
It is real simple, heartwarming, and works wonders when one needs to eat and has a stomachache.

Consists in cooking 1 cup rolled oats in 2 cups water, over low heat, until it reaches the desired consistency. I don't like mine too thin, so I let it cook for about 15 minutes.
It is important to keep an eye on it, because it might spill when boiling, just like milk. 
A good measure is to avoid small pots.
At my mom's we serve it with several accompaniment options:

Warm or cold milk,
a little bit butter,
a little bit salt,
a little bit honey,
sliced fruits,
sugar and cinnamon,
or any combination of the options above.

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flanzie said...

assim que começares o livro que te emprestei, vai ver que mingau de aveia é o número um em "comidas de alma". :)

saudades enormes ainda! não vou cansar de falar isso, hahahah!


Marmita said...

Que tentação, confesso que nunca provei, mas pela descrição da tua receita tem tudo para ser tentador.. um pequeno almoço perfeito! um beijo

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