Oh - the forgetfulness.


(In Portuguese)

I'll tell you a very sad story.
I forgot my photographic camera's cable at my mom's house. 
The end.

That's why we'll have some more posts illustrated by the computer's camera.
But she'll come to visit soon, and bring the cable along.
Now, another subject, the sandwich I had for lunch today:

Tuna and grated vegetables.

I cut one salt bread roll in half and let it slowly toast over low heat in a big frying pan.
Meanwhile, I cut three medium slices of white cheese and set aside.
I drained one tuna can, 120g, tuna (remember not to through oil into the sink. It's best
to put it in a bottle and discard with the organic garbage).
I peeled and grated one small carrot and one small red beet.
Seasoned the beet with the juice of half a lemon and some salt, and set it aside.
I removed the bread from the pan and turned the heat all the way up. When it got really hot, I threw in the cheese slices to let them toast a bit. I flipped, toasted the other side.

To assemble the sandwich, I drizzled a bit of olive oil in the bread, placed the cheese over it,
then the tuna, carrot, beet (which I squeezed with a fork beforehand, to remove the excess liquid), a little more olive oil, done! :)

And now, back to studying.

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