Guacamole sandwich.


Well, people. Forgive me for not posting the panettone pan origami like I promised in the previous post.
Truth is I haven't taken the step by step pictures yet.
But come on, you can forgive me, since the reason for that is I'm spending time with my family, in vacation.
In one of these afternoons, I prepared this sandwich for us. It's so quick, so easy, so light.
It's also great substituting the tuna for a nice salty cheese slice.
I wish you all great holidays and parties! In a week I'll be back to São Paulo, and - I hope - starting a year of hard work.

For the guacamole
1/2 avocado chopped in small cubes
1/4 onion, sliced in the smallest squares possible
1 tomato chopped in small cubes
Juice of 1 mayer lemon
Chopped fresh coriander or parsley to taste
Salt and black pepper to taste 

The important thing here is that the avocado and tomato should be ripe, but still firm.
Watery guacamole is quite lame, so choose nice vegetables.
As I chop, I through the vegetables directly into the serving bowl.
Last thing is to season with the lemon, salt and pepper, as toss well.
The choice between coriander or parsley really depends on personal taste. In my opinion, coriander is a thousand times better for this. :)

To make the sandwich, I use one bread slice, some tuna, olive oil, red pepper, and the guacamole.
For a quick snack, serves three people.

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