Ginger crystals - and the lack of constancy.


(Em português)

Made victim of a cold that caught me out of a sudden, I prepared this ginger crystals to
help relieve the sore throat.
Besides the tea with propolis extract, honey, lemon...
In case you don't find it weird, take a look at the recipes.

Now, I will explain the lack of constancy in the posts of the past weeks.
There are changes in life that are simple, so we adapt to them quickly.

There are other ones which involve a million and a half factors, so it takes time to adapt ourselves.

Having turned into a self-employed worker made me learn and reorganize many things, among them my free time, I need to make the most of it so that I can guarantee constancy to things that need it (for example: blog posts and paying bills). 
Basically, I am writing this to say that posts will become regular again, that I will write the "by the way" post I owe from last friday, that things are going back to their tracks.

Salty ginger crystals
5cm ginger piece, peeled
Juice of half a lime
1 1/2 level teaspoon salt

I chopped the ginger into small pieces, it yielded two tablespoons.

I transferred it to a small cup and added the lemon and salt, mixing well. It should soak in this mixture until the next day, in room temperature.
Then I strained the liquid (set it aside and kept it to season salad) and spread the ginger pieces in a pan, letting them dry at minimum temperature in the oven. It took 40 minutes.
I waited for them to cool completely before placing in small glass jars (these were originally food coloring package, but any candy tin or vanilla essence empty jar will serve).

Lasts up to 2 months if stored in lidded jar, away from excessive moisture, heat and light.
You can take one piece of ginger whenever you feel your throat is uncomfortable, and keep it in your mouth. If you gulp it, there will be no effect.

Sweet ginger crystals (I learned this recipe from my mother)
5cm ginger piece, peeled
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 tablespoon water

I chopped the ginger into small pieces, it yielded two tablespoons.
I placed the pieces with the water and sugar in a small pan, over low heat, stirring constantly.
First it turned out gluey, then it stuck to the ginger. At this point, I removed the pan from the heat and continued stirring, so the sugar detached from the ginger.
I took it back to the heat for a few more minutes, still stirring, and the sugar stuck to the ginger again. Done. You just need to wait for it to cool down, then stir well with a spoon to separate the crystals.

You use and keep it just like the salty ginger, but this one works best for people who don't like much ginger flavor.

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