A refreshment for this heat wave.


(In Portuguese)

I bought molds and made popsicles!
The secret to success, according to a site I've read [it's in Portuguese], is not allowing the water to freeze completely.
Because when that happens the results are just big ice rocks.
Well, to make creamier homemade icecream or popsicles, there are three basic methods.

- to use a lot of sugar (preferably making a syrup with it before mixing with the other ingredients);
- to use a lot of fat (beat some cream, coconut milk, butter, or another fat into the "batter");
- to use xanthan gum, which is a substance that works keeping the water molecules from comunicating in the right way to freeze completely. Please note that my chemistry notions are extremely rudimentary, so it's better to google around to learn about it.

For me, what matters is to know where to find it. Generaly they have it in baker shops, but the one I went to yeasteday was out of xanthan gum.

Oh well.
I processed in the blender:
- 200ml cold coconut milk (I bought a light one and only realized it at home, but it worked anyway)
- 200ml cold cream
- 3 generous tablespoons sugar
- about 10 ice cubes
- enough cold water so that the misture will complete 600ml (I bought a mold that has room for 12 popsicles, 50ml each)

I poured this mixture into the molds, filling 2/3 of each.
I added one tablespoon cocoa powder to the remaining liquid,
and then filled up the molds and placed the picks.
This way I got coconut-chocolate marbled popsicles.
I left them in the freezer overnight and they turned out delicious.
But I'm pretty sure my life will only be complete when I get the xanthan gum!
Then they will be creamy and good-looking without so much fat and sugar.

Idea resources:
Panelaterapia (in Portuguese)
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