Omellet du fromage. (actually, not)


It is an omellet, that's true.
But the cheese was left only in the quotation.

1 small onion, diced
1 large carrot, grated
2 eggs
1/4 teaspoon curry
2 tablespoons water
Parsley, as needed (I used dry parsley, because it's the only one I have right now)
Salt, as needed
Oil, for sauteing and frying

I diced the onion and put it over the heat to sauté, while I peeled and grated the carrot.
I've let the onion sauté until it turned quite transparent.
I mixed the carrot/eggs/seasoning/water/salt a bowl, using a fork, and then added the onion.
The thing about the water is a trick to make the omellet fluffy: add 1 tablespoon liquid (usually water or milk) to each egg. That's it.
I pour a minimum amount of oil in the bottom of the pan and let it heat well,
then I just pour the "batter" and let it fry until golden brown on one side, flip over (it's fine to use the dish trick*), let the other side turn brown, and serve. In my case, accompanied of a toast.

* The dish trick is a great friend of begginer cooks. It consists in sliding the omellet, CAREFULLY, into a large shallow dish. It needs to have a larger diameter than the pan.
So, while one hand holds the bottom of the dish (like you would hold a tray), the other hand holds the frying pan handle. You'll lay the frying pan over the dish - raw side upwards - and then
invert the positions of the dish and pan quickly, letting the raw side in contact with the bottom of the pan. It doesn't seem simple, but it is. I swear.
After all that, you just need to carefully remove the dish and allow this side of the omellet to turn brown too.

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flanzie said...

A Ninna, que entende tudo de muita coisa, me disse que tem que deixar hooooras e hooooras, aí ela fica preta. Mas ó, não tenho paciência, não. Acho que da próxima vez vou tentar cozinhar ela mais uma meia hora, com um pouco de água pra não queimar logo e deixar até escurecer. Só tenho medo que queime!

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