People say it's good for you.


(In Portuguese)

Leisure might some times be the mother of great recipes.
Yesterday, for example, I decided to cube some vegetables, coat them
in olive oil and salt, and bake until they're outsides were crispy and they're insides were soft.
Besides that, I cooked a quick rice and the matter was settled.
Anyway, people say that eating colorful meals is healthy. Even better.

2 medium beets
2 medium carrots
1 yellow pepper [I'm linking the picture, since I'm not sure how this is called in English]
1 medium chayote
1/2 onion
4 tablespoons olive oil
salt, as needed

I washed/ peeled/ chopped everything (except for the pepper).
I put everything in a bowl, poured the oil and sprinkled the salt,
then tossed it to coat well.
I've baked for ten minutes in pre-heated oven at 250oC, then lowered it to
160oC and baked for another 1h 20min, stirring now and then.
I peeled the pepper in the following way:
after washing and drying with a clean cloth, I picked it with a fork
and charred directly over the stovetop fire for 5 minutes.
It's peel should turn black and develop bubbles.
When removing from heat, I've put it under cold running water,
where I shaved the peel away using a serrated knife.
After that, I cut the pepper in half and seeded, also removing the
white veins.
I cut it in strips and mixed with the vegetables inthe oven.

I love these foods that can be left in the oven without paying much attention.
They acquire a tasty texture without any trouble in the preparation, and are quite healthy. :)
Other examples of thing I've prepared this way are these apples and sweet potatoes.

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Marmita said...

Tem muito bom aspecto, e pela rapidez é que se fazem boas descobertas de pratos.. Adorei a tua receitinha, super light :) beijo

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