(I've put three basil twigs in water with some flowers, in the hope they will develop roots.)

It's delicious, quick and easy...
I can't remember any cons, only pros.
Since yesterday I had dinner with a friend, I was shy to take pictures of the food.
I made some simple pasta, with store bought tomato sauce, topped with cubed white cheese and pesto.

For the pesto:
100g Brazil nuts (pecans or walnuts also work fine)
1 whole basil packet - I used the purple one, but I think the green is even prettier
olive oil as needed

I let the basil soak for a couple minutes in water with vinager before washing in running water.
While we chatted, we plucked the leaves out of the twigs.
I roughly processed the nuts in the blender, then added all of the basil and some oil.
Well, my blender wasn't working so fine, so I poured some more oil. Then it worked.
I processed everything until it became a paste, it won't bother if some leaves are left whole, or some nuts chunky.
Well, that's it.
An absolutely delicious sauce, which is great for pasta and sandwiches, ready in minutes.

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