(The picture ain't fair with all the beauty in this sandwich. But in the morning rush
was what I could get.)

This week I got back to work.
And all of the other departments are still on vacation untill next monday - including the lunchroom.
That means we can either eat out or have a cold lunch.
Since I ate out almost every day, I wanted to diversify with a sandwich.
I took advantage of that and sat on a public square/mini park nearby, full of kids runing around and trees greening away.
It was really nice.

Yesterday night I bought fresh ciabata, and in the morning I prepared it with:
10 green olives (the black ones must be even better!)
1/2 can of preserved tuna (about 55g)
2 hard boiled eggs (cooked for about 15 minutes)
Thin raw onion slices
Fresh sliced cucumber
Two slices of white cheese

There is no secret: i halved the bread and carved some of the dough in the top half,
to make room for the filling.
I spread pesto on the bottom part, added the olives (without the pit), tuna, boiled eggs sliced, the thinnest onion rings I've ever cut (about 3mm thick), cucumber, cheese.
I closed the sandwich and placed a flat cutting board on top, adding a heavy pan over it all
to flatten the sandwich.
It's way easier to eat it if the filling doens't pop out.
Then I wrapped it in plastic wrap and was ready to go.

This was the inspiration, which I'll certainly be preparing for a future time picnic.

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Filipa said...

Olá Flora! Pode não ter ficado bonito, mas delicioso ficou certamente! Nada como um sanduíche feito em casa para encher o estômago de satisfação quando estamos a trabalhar! :) Um beijinho

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