Dinner for one.


(In Portuguese)

Omelette for tuesday's dinner:
2 eggs
2 mozzarella slices (about 1cm thick) cut as cubes

1 handful french beans
5 cherry tomatos (from my own tomato "tree"!), halved
salt and black pepper as needed
First I sauté the french beans to make them softer, them added a tiny bit of water to cook them.
When the water dried and the beans were done, I beat the eggs/salt/pepper with a fork. Then added the tomatos/cheese/beans.
I heated some oil in the same sauce pan I prepared the beans and then fried the omelette.
It obviously turned into scrambled eggs, because it's impossible to turn an omelette around properly in a sauce pan...
While it's look was weird, the taste was nice.

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Marmita said...

Hmmm adoro tomate cereja... são tão docinhos, essa arvore plantas te tu? ficou linda...

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