(In Portuguese)

When someone comes to my place, I like to have something to offer them.
Even if it's simple and we're likely to order pizza later...
Cookies are usually a good call, because they're easy and quick to make,
and so far I haven't met anyone who doesn't like them.
So here are the cookies I baked for today's meeting.

Adapted from here.
What I've done differently:
I used regular cocoa power instead of the unsweetened, so I took off 1/4 cup sugar (should have taken more off).
I thought my dough was too soft, so I added 1/2 cup oat.
I haven't used vanilla extract, because I keep my sugar in a glass with vanilla beans.
They came out sweeter than they should, but were still good. Quite crunchy.
I measured 1 tablespoon for each cookie and got 40.

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