The saga of the chimia.


(In Portuguese)

Continuing thes to make a tasty and decent-looking chimia [which is a kind of fruit spread made here in Brazil] - 
meaning a dark brown one, rather than a pinkish one -, here is another recipe.

5 overripe bananas
2 cups water
1/3 cup sugar

I washed the bananas in running water, peeled them, and put the
peels over high heat with 1/2 cup water, and let them boil for 30 minutes.
I processed them using the blender and returned them to the pan
including the sliced bananas and another 1/2 cup water.
I've let it boil for 30 minutes more, over medium heat, stirring from time
to time, until I realized I hadn't put in the sugar.
Well, what to do? I added the sugar, and took the chance to pour in
the remaining water.

I left the pan half covered and let it cook like that for another 30 minutes.
The chimia splatters a lot, that's why I'd rather keep the lid on.
It's also good to look out when stirring, so that I won't burn my hands.
At this point, the chimia started thickening again, so I turned down the heat
and let it cook until it reached a consistency I liked. It took 30 minutes.

Altogether, it took me 2 hours to prepare the chimia, and it did turn out dark brown.
But I think it's not the right color, because it's looking like beans.
Just as a comparison, in the picture I paired my chimia (bottom) with an artisanal
chimia bought in Blumenau (top).

I already know that in order to make it glossier, I need to increase the sugar amount. 
I recommend using 1 cup.
Maybe next time I get there?

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