The great leap.


People who are close to me, the ones I can say that "are home" with me,
can certify how much I can be reserved or even grumpy.
I haven't got talent to start a talk, I have a certain sloth about socializing,
chatting with people I hadn't met before etc.
Of course I'm not always like that, and I have lots of fun meeting people.
But until the conversation gets going, it can be kind of difficult.

All of this raises to the occasion, because in a conversation with someone
I don't know very well I found out something I really wanted to know.
And this time I was really enjoying the chat, I realized how silly I am
when I don't talk to people!
The discovery was the organic food fair at
Parque da Água branca.
My dear people, it's been AGES since I've been meaning to find a place to buy
organic veggies in São Paulo.
A little bit because of leisure, a little bit because I didn't know where to look for it,
I just kept shopping at the regular supermarket.
Besides the fact that I passed in front of the park many times, and never entered it.
(Before everybody starts thinking I'm crazy, I'll defend myself: these times when I have been
to the neighborhood of Perdizes I went there to do specific things, such as going to the electoral registry. God knows why I haven't gone back there with time to visit the park).
Here are some informations [Portuguese].
Soon I'll be posting recipes made out of organic, seasonal, locally produced food,
to be written by a devourer very happy about the new discovery!

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