Flora of the green thumbs (trial version).


(In Portuguese)

Do you remember my beloved tomato plant, that cute one, with cherry tomatoes?
while on vacation I spent two weeks at my mother's, and I forgot to take the tomato plant
to my boyfriend's place. Mening: I killed the poor thing.
But we can find a way around for almost anything.
In my case, the way was found with the help of this lady called Juliana [she writes in Portuguese].
She's got many hints for people interested in apartment vegetable gardens,
and some other issues.
When I got back from vacation, I still had two tomatoes from that plant
in the fridge, so I decided to plant them.

If I'm not mistaken, in five days the sprouts came out of the dirt.
Out of 5 seeds, 3 were sucessful.
There's a post where she talks specifically about planting tomatoes.
So far, I'm keeping the plant in a spot where it catches indirect sunlight,
and watering it with a spray bottle once or twice a day.
The sprouts haven't changed their look in about 10 days.
They didn't grow, but also didn't weaken. Good sign.
Now, about making seedlings without seeds, only by plucking twigs,
there's a nice post at design sponge with cool hints.
I was trying to do that with some basil, but it didn't actually work.
I think I've waited too much to plant it on soil, so it died.
By coincidence, I found that there is a basil plant in my building's backyard,
so yesterday I took a twig of it to try again.
When I have news, I'll let you know.
And you people out there who have apartment vegetable gardens that work, tell me about it. :)

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Marmita said...

Boa dica tb pra mim.. pois tb tenho um apartamento e com plantações volta e meia todas mortas.. vou seguir atentamente o blog dela. Gracias e uma nova vida pro teu tomateiro.

beijo da marmita

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