(In Portuguese)

This year, my gift to my loved ones were cookies.

I made three varieties, arranged in the pretty boxes I bought at Albanowhere I got the ribbons too.

Only the plastic put inside the boxes I bought elsewhere, in a small store close to my place.
The plastic is needed to protect the box from the butter that's in the cookies, preserving them better.

The differences in my versions: I substituted the allspice with a bit of black pepper, and cream of tartar with 1/8 teaspoon regular baking powder. 
Also, I didn't glaze them, as I though they were already too sweet.
The chocolate cookies were formed using teaspoon portions, so they would fit in the boxes.
The rest I did kind of the same way Patricia does.

I liked the results. :)
Now it's just a matter of enjoying my family and the friends I don't see often enough.
I hope the like the cookies!

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