Roasted dinner.


(In Portuguese)

I like many things, one of them is food with a roasted crust.

So today I roasted sweet potatoes to eat with some broccoli (apparently, the wad I bought will never end).
It's easy and quick, so it's perfect for a weekday dinner.
I peeled the sweet potatoes (I was too lazy to wash them properly)
and sliced about 1cm thick.
I put the slices in a platter, brushed a little olive oil, tossed salt and black pepper.
I turned each slice with a spoon, brushed again, all the same.
The sweet potatoes roasted for a little more than 5 minutes in hot oven, after what
I lowered it to a medium heat. When the bottoms were done (about 1t minutes), I
took the platter out of the oven to flip the potato slices, making them equal on both sides.
In 10 or 15 minutes more it was ready.
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.
I made it really spicy and salty. Yum! :)
I sauté the broccoli as usual, and considered my dinner to be done.

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flanzie said...

Vontade de batata-doce agora.

Então, não vai ter férias mesmo, "duas semanas de coisas legais" significando férias não existem desde 2007.

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