Wohoo, anybody home?


(In Portuguese)

I know, I know.

It's today that most families unite to celebrate christmas.
But in our case, we celebrated ahead schedule, because now not everyone can be here.
So today lunch was really simple, and at night we attended a dinner party thrown by a 
family we're friends with.

I prepared for myself and my mom an omelette and green salad, and we had a rice that
was overplus from another day, which came with light and dark raisins, dried apricot and plum, pecan and Brazil nuts.

Omelette ain't much of a secret. It was made with a thick slice of country cheese (chopped in rough cubes), a large tomato in cubes, 4 eggs, a "sip" of milk, salt and black pepper, and oil for frying.

First thing I heat the frying pan and put the tomato so the liquid could dry (I don't like soggy omelette!).
Meanwhile I beat the eggs with a fork so they'd become fluffy, and added a "sip" of milk.That's a trick to make it fluffier too. Works wonderfully!
I could use the whites beaten into peaks trick, but I think it makes for a dry omelette.
Than I added cheese/papper/salt, e as soon as the tomato acquired a consistency I like, I stirred it in as well.
I heated what I consider to be a lot of oil (3 tablespoons), thinking it would prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan.
Oh really, did I think that would work? My omelette turned into scrambled eggs.
Anyway, it was fluffy and tasty.
As usual, we dressed our salad with lemon, olive oil and salt.
And for dessert we had figs that came straight from my mother's garden
(from tree to table, briefly passing by some water).

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