By the way: brush for roots and vegetables.


You might have noticed before that I really like to cook using the oven.
Breads, tarts, baked omelette, all kinds of oven roasted vegetable, fruits, chimia...
Particularly in the case of roots, I find it interesting to roast them with the peels on. Think beets, carrots, ginger, fresh turmeric, all kinds of potatoes, even some other foods that have slightly hard peels (squashes? apples?).
Baking/ roasting food with their peel helps preserve their nutritional value, even if you take it off later.
But for that, of course, the peels must be perfectly clean - after all, it's not pleasant at all to eat food with dirt.
My best friend in this task is a small nail brush. It's obvious that you need to buy a new one to use exclusively in the kitchen. The good thing about them is they fit nicely in your hand, and these ones that come with a handle don't slip away.
All you have to do is leave a string of running water and kindly brush each vegetable until you remove all of the dirt. Then you cut off the damaged parts, if there are any, and after rinsing you can proceed with the preparation of your food.
Rinse the brush as well, let it dry well hanging on a hook or on the dish drainer before storing (I keep mine on a hook by the tap.

It's always good to remember it is not interesting to eat with peel vegetables that are grown with pesticides, because most of them get stuck in the peels. In this case, you can stills wash them with the brush, but then cut peels off before cooking.

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