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(Em português)

Again, here I come telling stories.
Last time I checked how long had it been since my last post, it was a month. That was, I think, two weeks ago.
Since then, I worked a lot and travelled again, and worked a lot (I'm glad about it) and travelled again.

In fact, I'm writing from Vancouver right now. But I just came here quickly and soon will be back home. Last July I took this beautiful trip to Rio Grande do Sul, you can see the landscape in the first two pictures of the post. There's more in  my flickr.
The third one is in Vancouver already, it's Caio at Stanley Park, and then there's yours truly in Chinatown.
Funny thing is that I have no idea as to how does traditional Canadian food is like, except for the pact that maple syrup seems to be a national symbol. Anyway, I had great Mexican, Indian, and Japanese food. Oh, globalization... haha.

While I'm writing, pães de queijo are in the oven, and soon we will meet my dear friend Rebeca who's preparing orange French toasts.
I'll ask her for the recipe so that I can share it with you (I've tried making French toasts once, and it was a complete disaster), and there are lots of pictures and recipes and "by the way" triggered to post.
Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the last few moments of my visit in here.
See you soon!

PS1: Did you notice I'm obsessed about panoramic photos? I'm currently in love with them,
PS2: I also got a real nice recipe for sandwich bread and one for cuca (a kind of sweet bread) in Rio Grande do Sul. When I prepare those, I'll bring them too. :)

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