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This is a short post, only to let you know some news I've been expecting for a while, and which I'm excited about: I've switched my photographic camera.
I like my cybershot a lot, it's been with me since the beginning of blog.
And I believe you can achieve good results with any camera, I think these and these pictures are examples of that.
Even so, I've been missing very much the possibility to manually focus, expose and white balance photos.
So I opted for a sony nex 5, and ended up receiving it as a gift from my father.
In the last weekend, I finally got it in my hands and started to play with it.
A few of the next posts will still have cybershot's photos, of foods I prepared before I got nex, but soon the transition will be over and hopefully my images will improve.

I'll be right back with a recipe post.
See you!

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